The sun and moon, the luminaries that guide us

The sun and moon are two of the most important points in an astrology chart. They serve as our guiding lights. The sun represents our ego, willpower and how we shine in life. The other luminary in a chart–the moon–functions more behind the scenes, but it’s just as important. It represents our intuition and our emotions. Reconnecting to the sun and the moon can set us on the right path when we’ve gone off course. Depending on what “house” your sun/moon are in and the connections they’re making to other planets, the message will be different for everyone.

This workshop will include an astrological explanation of how the sun and moon function in an astrology chart. You will learn where the sun and the moon fall in your chart and how you can use them to find creative and emotional fulfillment. There will also be a few writing exercises to encourage self-reflection. No writing experience or prior knowledge of astrology is required but don’t forget to bring a journal or laptop.

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023
3-4:30 pm