I know you came here to learn more about me, but isn’t my dog pretty magical?

Everyone calls me Betsy, though I was born an Elizabeth. I started my career as a 24-year-old journalist writing for the Associated Press in Athens, Greece, and have been writing ever since.

My stories have appeared in The New York Times‘ Modern Love columnThe Boston Globe, Food & Wine, The Washington Post and New York Magazine. I also wrote a column for Women’s Magazine in Boulder, Colo.

I love writing profiles and personal essays, and I recently completed a memoir. One of my personal essays about my ex-husband’s recipe for “divorce potatoes” was the third most popular food story in The Washington Post in 2019. I was also delighted to have actress Abbi Jacobson choose my Modern Love column for the podcast.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from American University and a graduate degree in journalism from Ohio University. My father is a Hungarian immigrant, and I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, home of the best pizza you’ll ever have.

A few years ago, I traded city for country, and I now live in Norwich, Vermont with my two dogs, Ronan and Jackie O. In my spare time, I give astrology readings to friends and bartenders and feed baby songbirds at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. What else would you like to know? Find me on Instagram or email me, and I’ll tell you.