Welcome to my corner of the internet! Everyone calls me Betsy, though I was officially born an Elizabeth. I started my career as a 24-year-old journalist for the Associated Press in Athens, Greece, and I have been writing all sorts of things ever since.

My stories have appeared in The New York Times’ Modern Love column, The Boston Globe, Food & Wine, The Washington Post and New York Magazine. I was also delighted to have actress/comedian Abbi Jacobson choose my Modern Love column for the podcast. I’ve recently completed a memoir and have been working on two additional books. I have studied with Joyce Maynard, Ann Hood, Rebecca Makkai, Joni Cole and Joshua Marie Wilkinson, among others.

My father is a Hungarian immigrant, and I grew up just outside Youngstown, Ohio, home of the best pizza you’ll ever have. In my spare time, I take care of injured songbirds and raptors at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and give astrology readings. I began my astrological studies at Maha Rose in Brooklyn in 2016, with Leslie Galbraith as my guide. I wrote an essay for the LA Times about what it was like to do my mother’s chart, decades after she died.

I currently live in Vermont with my partner and our three dogs. (Cute pics available here.) Message me if you’d like to say hello. I love hearing from people.